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Meta-Piano Bach


Meta-Piano project allows you to play and interpret a classical music score on the touch pad or on a M.I.D.I. keyboard.

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Jean Haury

This downloadable file is only available for Windows and Mac systems.

Technical sheet

File name Meta-Piano Bach
Developer Jean Haury
Système d'exploitation Windows, Mac
Category Project
Protected* No
Editable** Yes
Exportable*** Yes
What Pedagogy of interpreting, introduction to expressive rythms and dynamics of scores reading, immediate interpretation of the symphonic repertoire.
File version 4.500
Number of players Up to 15
Editables instruments used by this file MM.Meta-Piano
Interfaces MIDI Controller, 12 buttons joystick, Méta-Instrument 3, Keyboard
Target audience Projets creators/composers, National Education – High school, Deaf or hard of hearing public

*Protected : Can be only opened on a computer for which the serial number specified in the order.

**Editable : You can set up pages, routings, orchestras, video configurations, audio configurations,... and presets, mappings, routings for editable instruments.

***Exportable : From this project opened in MM4, users can create another one.

9,60€ Buy this project