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MM. Silicat is an instrument designed either via an interface like joystick or via a Kinect camera. The player can control a character, interact with the several elements producing audio and visual events. 

This project on the Méta-Mallette was inspired by the Silicat performance. This performance stems from the creation of small musical objects which overlap each other in the spirit of instrumentalists controllers.  The elements are played through a Kinect camera. Somewhere between mechanical tinkering, bending, plastic arts and electroacoustic music, this instrument explores the relationship between imagination and rationality. 

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Mathieu Constans

This downloadable file is only available for Windows and Mac systems.

Technical sheet

File name Silicat
Developer Mathieu Constans
Système d'exploitation Windows, Mac
Category Project
Protected* No
Editable** Yes
Exportable*** Yes
What Live AV, Musical project, Visual project
File version
Number of players 1
Editables instruments used by this file -
Interfaces 12 buttons gamepad, 12 buttons joystick
Target audience For any public, By age 10 or 12, for any public

*Protected : Can be only opened on a computer for which the serial number specified in the order.

**Editable : You can set up pages, routings, orchestras, video configurations, audio configurations,... and presets, mappings, routings for editable instruments.

***Exportable : From this project opened in MM4, users can create another one.

Download for free this project