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Meta-Screen VideoMapping


Meta-Screen is developed by Vincent Goudard et Sofiane Allayen. This project is supported by RIAM (Réseau Recherche et Innovation en Audiovisuel et Multimédia – Centre National du Cinéma). It combines a collection of tools including innovative opportunities in Meta-Mallette software.
Meta-Screen VideoMapping select all or part of images played with Meta-Mallette software to easily readjust to the projection support.
The right tool to project on building with Meta-Mallette software.


This downloadable file is only available for Windows and Mac systems.

Technical sheet

File name Meta-Screen VideoMapping
Developer PUCE MUSE
Système d'exploitation Windows, Mac
Category Project
Protected* Yes
Editable** Yes
Exportable*** Yes
What Live AV
File version 4.500
Number of players One player or more
Editables instruments used by this file -
Interfaces Cursor – Computer mouse – Trackpad, 12 buttons gamepad
Target audience VJ, anyone interested in visual music

*Protected : Can be only opened on a computer for which the serial number specified in the order.

**Editable : You can set up pages, routings, orchestras, video configurations, audio configurations,... and presets, mappings, routings for editable instruments.

***Exportable : From this project opened in MM4, users can create another one.

12,00€ Buy this project