What's Méta-Mallette ?

Méta-Mallette* is an interactive software developed by PUCE MUSE center of visual music creation.
This software lets you play and create music while producing visuals in real time. You can play alone and with several, via one or several interfaces (joystick, gamepad, graphics tablet, MIDI interface, Kinect,…).
*Méta-Mallette is registered for educational Interest (RIP) by the national Ministry of Education and Research.

The software cames with "Démo project" of twelve virtual instruments.

Méta-Mallette is using Max/MSP software/ Cycling 74. It consists of three parts:
>   the platform with the audiovisual I/O management, some gestural interfaces, the memory system and the flow of data.
>   the projects made up of virtual instruments and audiovisual resources for sound and image production,
>   the SDK will allow developers familiar with Max/MSP to develop their own instruments and extensions. It provides a serie of abstraction to declare audio and video players, variables,…
Its purpose is to simplify to the maximum the connexion with the platform to allow the developer to focus on the specific audiovisual algorithm to the instrument. A single instrument can be developed in a few minutes.