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Sample player dedicated to Alain Bonardi's project "Pianotronics 2"
This sampler phase shifts piano samples coming with "Pianotronics 2" project.


"Pianotronics 2" is a duo for piano, electronics and video projection. It's the second piece of a cycle of 12 compositions for piano and real time electronics.

Image projections created by Sandra Lévy

Piano score available on Fortin Armiane website

Alain Bonardi

This downloadable file is only available for Windows and Mac systems.

Technical sheet

File name AB.Player
Developer Alain Bonardi
Système d'exploitation Mac
Category Instrument
Protected* Yes
What Lutherie
File version 4.5
Target audience Conservatory – Electroacoustic musical class, Experienced users, Intermediate users

*Protected : Can be only opened on a computer for which the serial number specified in the order.

Download for free this instrument